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Stellenangebot: Research Group Leader

Research Group Leader
Innovation Center Computer Assisted Surgery (ICCAS)
Semmelweisstraße 14
04103 Leipzig

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The Innovation Center Computer Assisted Surgery (ICCAS) ( was founded in 2005 in Leipzig at Germany’s oldest acting medical faculty (1415). It is one of six ZIK Centres for Innovation Competence. It has been funded by the German Ministry of Science and Technology (BMBF) through grants of 20 mil. Euro.

The multidisciplinary project SONORAY combines noninvasive image-guided therapy approaches of focused ultrasound and radiation therapy to improve efficiency for cancer treatment. The project investigates the effects of both temporal and spatial adjustable and controllable radiation technologies for directed energy to induction into tumor tissue . Physical and biological effects are investigated and the synergy of the radiation approaches are quantified in simulation, cell, and small animal studies. The work is accompanied by the development of multimodal planning and information systems to provide a seamless integration into the clinical workflow. The project aims at developing a proof-of-concept system and workflow for the translation into clinical use.
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The challenges:
• FUS-RT stands for combined treatment comprising MR- and US-guided robotic assisted focused ultrasound (FUS) and radiotherapy (RT). This approach is to be used to combine thermal and non- thermal effects of focused ultrasound on malignant cells to enhance percutaneous radiotherapy. The aim of FUS-RT is to harness the synergistic effect of heat and the mechanical effects of both sound and ionizing radiation to improve the effects of the radiooncological treatment of malignant solid tumors and metastases and reducing side effects at the same time. The key issues are:
i) to develop the technology and application
ii) to examine cell biological principles
iii) to create computer-assisted modeling and simulation
iv) to evaluate the potential of the future clinical through preclinical validation using FUS-RT combination therapy.
• The research group is part of a joint project between the ZIK OncoRay in Dresden and the ZIK ICCAS in Leipzig (leadership). The research group will be responsible for setting up and managing an interdisciplinary research area concentrating on focused ultrasound in Leipzig. This involves clinical, biological and physical sciences combined with engineering and computer sciences.

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Semmelweisstr. 14
04103 LeipzigTel: +49(0)341/97-12001
Fax: +49(0)341/97-12009
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